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Articles on Breast Health

Green Tea May Shield Against Breast Cancer

Regular consumption of green tea protects women against breast cancer, concludes a recently published case-control study from China. *

Laboratory studies have previously shown that green tea extract possesses anti-cancer effects, while epidemiological studies have suggested a link between green tea consumption and a reduced risk of breast cancer.

In a recent study, approximately 1,000 breast cancer patients were matched with an equal number of healthy control subjects. After assessing the women’s annual green tea consumption and controlling for potential confounding factors, the researchers concluded that women who consumed the most green tea were least likely to develop breast cancer.

This study suggests that women may be able to lower their breast cancer risk by regularly consuming green tea.

* Zhang M, Holman CD, Huang JP, Xie X. Green tea and the prevention of breast cancer: a case control study in southeast China. Carcinogenesis. 2006 Dec 20;