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How to Wean Off Synthetic Hormones
and onto Bio-Identical Hormone Creams

When weaning off synthetics, it is best to go slowly to allow your body time to re-adjust, especially if you have been on synthetics for a long period of time. The consensus among experts is that you should cut down very gradually over a three-month period.  Otherwise, you may throw yourself back into a period of intense symptoms. 

We have heard from many of you who reported that you quit “cold turkey” and switched to natural hormones with minimal discomfort. Usually these women have not been using the synthetics for more than a year.

Weaning Instructions

Based on the recommendations of John R. Lee, M.D.

1st Month:
Start using your progesterone crème daily. Take synthetic estrogen pill (Premarin, Estrace, etc.) every other day or cut the estrogen patch in half. If you are one of those women who are taking a separate synthetic progestin such as Provera, you may drop it completely and immediately.

2nd Month: Use your progesterone crème daily. Take the synthetic every 3rd day, or cut the patch in quarters (paper tape used for gauze bandages may be used to hold a partial estrogen patch in place).

3rd Month: Use your progesterone crème daily. Take the synthetic every 4th day. Go totally off the estrogen patch.

4th Month:  Use your progesterone crème only. Off all synthetic hormones.

If you are taking a synthetic progestin like Provera, in combination with synthetic estrogen, once you have begun using a natural progesterone creme, simply cease the use of synthetic progestin at the end of its current 12 day cycle of use.

Note: Do not take a break from the progesterone creme during this weaning process. Begin taking your breaks after you are totally off the synthetics.


The good news?  Your risk of breast cancer, blood clots, and stroke immediately begin to decline back to normal levels.