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Articles on Men's Health / Prostate

Overview on Men's Health & Prostate

As a male ages, his progesterone level decreases just as it dows in women. In men this decrease occurs around age 45 (in women it is around age 35). Progesterone is the primary precursor to a man's sex hormones, secifically testosterone. A man's progesterone is produced in his adrenal glands and his testes. Men produce progesterone in smaller amounts than women do, but it is still vital.

When a man's progesterone levels decrease, his 5-alpha reductate enzyme converts his "good" testosterone to di-hydro testosterone, a form of testosterone which stimulates the enlargement of the prostate. The prostate gland will swell and enlarge and in many cases this will transform into prostate cancer. Progesterone is a potent inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase therefore preventing a man's body from converting his "good" testosterone to di-hydro testosterone. You may be familiar with the drug, Finasteride (Proscar). Proscar inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, but progesterone can do just as good a job and is NATURAL.

Progesterone deficiency exposes a man to other diseases associated with excess estrogen such as ischemic heart disease and male pattern baldness.

According to Thierry Hertoghe, M.D., a leading expert in
hormone therapy, progesterone can block 5-alpha reductase
and increase testosterone in men.


Dr. John R. Lee and Dr. Francisco Contreras, leading experts in natural progesterone therapy, have stated that all men should seriously consider natural progesterone replacement sometime in their 40's, or even earlier if they have a family history of prostate cancer.

Men who use Natural Progesterone report:

  • Prostate problems have disappeared
  • Energy has increased
  • Libido has increased
  • Hair has regrown (It has also been reported that the use of progesterone has a reasonable likelihood of decreasing male balding)
  • Stomach fat has disappeared
  • Men have more youthful appearance
  • Depression has disappeared
  • Insomnia has ceased