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Progesterone Cream Provides Menopause Relief

A study done at the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at The University of Texas at Tyler in 2004 showed concrete clinical evidence that natural progesterone cream provides relief for symptoms of menopause while showing no short-term health risks. Dr. Kenna Stephenson, M.D. along with other medical researches at the University of Texas at Tyler published their study in Blood: Journal of The American Society of Hematology.

Carol Prise, M.S.N, co-investigator on the study said that women she worked with wanted to know more about natural, safe and effective treatment for their menopausal symptoms instead of synthetic hormones.

Approximately 50 million women in the U.S. are in the peri-menopausal or menopausal age group. They are seeking solutions for symptoms of hot flashes without the risk of life-threatening diseases.

The study consisted of 30 menopausal women who were given either a placebo cream or natural progesterone cream to use for one month. After a break, the women switched to the opposite cream to use for an additional month. Completed questionnaires by these women showed that using natural progesterone cream reduced their menopausal symptoms.

According to Dr. Stephenson, natural progesterone showed no relation to any indicators related to serious diseases associated with the traditional hormone replacement therapy, such as Provera or Prempo. The progesterone creams in this study were tested for safety, efficacy and any short term benefits or harmful effects, by looking at biomarkers. Biomarkers immediately indicate serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, infections and dementia. As a result, no markers were found in natural progesterone creams.

Both the synthetic drugs Premarin and Prempro have shown to increase blood clotting therefore women are looking for other options. Dr. Stephenson’s study has provided women knowledge about natural progesterone as an option to help relieve menopausal symptoms. She said “the results of this study are encouraging because it is clinical evidence of the viable option of bioidentical progesterone cream for menopausal women in their search to relieve menopause symptoms.”

One of the things Dr. Stephenson observed during the study was cortisol levels. She noticed a decline in cortisol to normal range when women were using progesterone cream compared to placebo. We know that cortisol is activated during stressful events and an abnormal cortisol pattern can increase the risk of heart attacks, cancer and obesity.

This study shows that women who choose natural progesterone for their menopausal symptoms do not need to worry about side effects.

The results correlate with another independent study that showed that women using natural progesterone had up to an 83% decrease in hot flashes. 


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