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Articles on Menstruation

Severe Cramping

Statistics show that 60% of all women suffer from menstrual cramps.

The degree of cramping seems to be in direct correlation to the excess estrogens in a woman’s system. 
You were not designed to be in pain with every monthly cycle.

Severe cramping can be:

  • A result of estrogen dominance
  • A symptom of Endometriosis

Cramps may also occur when the adrenal gland has used up all of its cortisone reserve.  

Natural progesterone can help! It balances excess estrogen.
Because it is a precursor of cortisone, using progesterone supports the adrenal glands.
This can help with the relief of pain.

Ways to alleviate cramping that are working for many women:

  • Use a Natural Progesterone Crème  ¼ teaspoon twice daily from day 12-26. You may also rub ¼ tsp of creme on your lower abdomen during cramping episodes. Repeat as needed. If your cramping starts earlier than day 12, you may start the crème as early as day 10.
  • Take essential fatty acids (EFA’s) daily. A recent study suggested that EFA’s work for menstrual cramps even when no other aspect of a woman’s life is changed.
  • Take 100 mg. of  Vitamin B6.  B6 has been shown to decrease intensity and duration of cramps.
  • Take Magnesium.  It relaxes smooth muscle tissue.  You can take it every few hours during your menses according to Dr. Christiane Northrup.