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Articles on Weight Loss

Why We Get Fat & Stay Fat

Here is NEW recent information about weight loss that will change your eating habits forever



It is literally going to take years for powers-that-be to truly inform the public that the old ideas about dieting and weight control are erroneous. This is because the wheels of change turn slowly.  But YOU can change your ways now and stop inevitable weight gain.  We want to help you be trim and fit for the rest of your life. A diet high in carbohydrates is making America FAT!


FACTS:  1 in every 3 Americans is considered obese AND  2 in 3 are overweight.  Why can’t Americans get fit?  We are told consistently that we have to not take in more calories than we can burn and that we cannot lose weight if we do not exercise.


THE BAD NEWS: We live in a Toxic Environment for obesity!

Specifically: fast foods, drive thrus, super sizes, junk snack foods that are marketed to us incessantly.  The phrase has been coined:  Obesigenic environment  This is an environment that takes a lean person (you) and turns them into a fat person. People do not get fat because they eat too much, but because they eat the wrong types of food.


MYTH: It was ALWAYS thought that it was  “Calories in,  calories out” that controlled weight gain and weight loss.  Now scientific evidence shows this is NOT true.  We were also told that low fat, low calorie diets worked. We were told that high protein diets cause high cholesterol and high triglycerides and heart attacks.


TRUTH: The growth of our fat tissue is controlled by HORMONES, specifically insulin.  Yes, just as growth hormone makes children grow, hormones can make us grow FAT. When insulin levels are elevated, fat accumulates in fat tissue.  When insulin levels fall, we burn fat from the fat tissue and use it for fuel and lose that spare tire or other undesirable weight.


SIMPLY PUT: the more carbs we eat, the more insulin we secrete.  When insulin levels rise, so does fat storage




Who are the CULPRITS?  Refined carbs, starchy vegetables, sugar, high fructose corn syrup.


How does it work? Glucose wants to store as FAT.

Protein/fats want to burn as ENERGY.

Carbs make us fat AND carbs make us hungrier!




A famous study called the Womens Health Initiative (WHI)  followed 50,000 women for 8 years. Guess what? A low fat, low calorie diet did not result in much weight loss.....just about 2 pounds each in 8 YEARS! That is really pathetic for women who were diligently watching what they ate for many years.

THE LESSON: Under-eating does NOT cure obesity Just about every overweight person has tried it...IT DOES NOT WORK!


EVEN BY EATING JUST 800-1000 calories per day, only 1 in 20 patients lost any significant weight according to a large research study.  800 obese and overweight people were enrolled and were instructed to eat 750 calories less per day.  They were also given intense counseling to help them stay on track and also given a lot of help with meal plans that were low in calories.  The average participant was 50 pounds over weight. Despite all this diligence and denial,  they only lost only 9 pounds in 6 months!  AND they gained it back after a year. Undereating is not a cure and overeating is not the cause of all obesity


EXERCISE:  This is not the answer either

People in the US are getting fatter despite the proliferation of health clubs, aerobics, and leisure-activity sports that have exploded in recent years.  We have basically seen a "fitness revolution but we are still getting FATTER!

IN FACT, USDA guidelines do not suggest that weight can be lost by exercising.  Even faithful runners tend to get fatter as the years go by, even those that run more than 40 miles per week.  In truth, we do not burn a lot of calories by doing moderate exercise AND it often encourages us to eat more because we think we DID burn those calories.

Have you heard the phrase "working up an appetite?"  That's exactly what exercise can do!  After exercise the body wants to compensate for the energy drain.  Exercise is good for staying fit, but is not the answer for losing weight.  Most people who try to lose weight by exercise are also cutting out unhealthy foods.  Did you ever see a regular jogger or aerobics buff eating a donut after they exercise?  No, they are more likely to be drinking some cool water or having something half-way healthy at least.  That’s why these people can stay lean.  If they eat the wrong foods, even the distance runner will gain weight.




It comes down to INSULIN!


Excess insulin works to promote the flow of fat into the fat cells and  will cause you to get fatter  Protein helps break down fat so it can escape from the fat cells and will make you thinner.


What is Insulin?  Insulin is the hormone that is the main regulator of fat metabolism 

All carbohydrate breaks down into sugar in our bodies.  Your pancreas then secretes insulin to digest the carbs. Blood sugar (glucose) rises.  More insulin is secreted to lower the blood sugar. Insulin causes carbs to convert into fat and be stored in the fat cells.  The fat will stay in the fat cells until insulin levels drop, but we eat too many carbs and insulin levels remain high. The pancreas is over-active in order to secrete enough insulin to cope with your blood sugar levels.  It is like being on a merry-go-round with no getting off!

Insulin also works to create new fat cells. It works to increase the fat we store and decrease the fat we burn. Yes!  Fat cells can multiply.


We need to lower our insulin levels and secrete less insulin in the first place!

It is the proverbial Vicious cycle:

When we get fatter, we need more energy and our appetite will increase.  We will crave carbs because that is what insulin wants to burn for fuel. The insulin is now in control!


INSULIN RESISTANCE & Midsection Fat:  The more insulin you secrete, the likelier it is that your cells will become resistant to it....the cells will not open the door when insulin comes knocking.  So, it stays in the blood stream.  The body senses that there is still insulin in the blood stream and the pancreas releases MORE insulin.  More insulin release promotes a greater degree of insulin resistance.  The increase in insulin causes the fat cells to store more calories as fat.  We are more likely to become insulin resistant as we age and we store more and more calories as fat  Often, as insulin levels go up, blood pressure and cholesterol and triglycerides go up.  Metabolism is also slowing down.  So....even a lean person will get fatter without increasing calorie intake!  The fat accumulates around the waist (where fat cells are most sensitive to insulin)


Get the picture?  This is as simple as I can put it.  Carbs and sweets have to be avoided!

With sugar, there are studies that show can be as addictive as cocaine and nicotine even animals can be made to eat foods they do not like if we "sugar  coat" them! 


Will that help you give them up?  It's the only way to stay lean.

Excess amounts of the hormone INSULIN:

  • Makes us accumulate fat
  • Tells the liver to convert carbs into fat and releases it into the blood stream as triglycerides
  • Causes the kidneys to reabsorb sodium and raises blood pressure
  • Causes artery walls to become rigid
  • Causes accumulation of HDL into plaque

METABOLIC SYNDROME:  This occurs when we get fatter, lose control of our blood sugar, develop insulin resistance, develop high blood pressure, HDL cholesterol goes down, and LDL goes up. Metabolic Syndrome has been associated with Alzheimer's disease and cancer because insulin and high blood sugar can cause brain deterioration.  I was at a conference recently where the researchers called Alzheimer's "Diabetes of the Brain"  The brain needs fat (cholesterol) for its building blocks....NOT SUGAR. Also, regarding cancer, excess insulin can cause tumors to both grow and to metastasize



Not all carbs are bad!  Vegetables and leafy greens are also carbs.  Low glycemic index foods are good for us.  The higher the glycemic index, the more insulin will be secreted in response to it.  Do yourself a BIG favor: Download a copy of a glycemic index chart for foods.  Eat foods with a GI of 70 or under.  You will be eating GREAT foods and will LOSE weight!



The more carbs you eat, the more you will store fat.

Protein is key! You want your body to burn fat for energy.  Protein promotes this because it does not raise insulin levels


A WORD ABOUT FRUIT:  Fruit contains fructose which can be fattening to anyone who is predisposed to put on weight.  I know many menopausal women in particular who will gain weight the day after they ate too much fruit.  I tested it on myself and a day after I ate nectarines and melon and a pear (all good, right?) I gained 1.5  pounds.  WOW!  Who knew?  So be careful with fruit. Think about it….fruit used to be seasonal and our ancestors just ate what was in season.  Now we have so much available that we eat all fruits  all the time. For myself, upon experimenting, I have found I am okay with blueberries and cherries and apples  YAY!  Do your own experiment to find your good fruits that will not store as fat.



  • Refined sugar
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup - this contains fructose, the same fructose that is in fruit.  It is about 1/2 fructose and 1/2 glucose and our bodies will process it into fat.  As a matter of fact, fructose is the carb that we convert to fat most easily.
  • SUGAR HAS TO GO!  It is NOT your friend!
  • No fruit juices.  Never drink your fruit!


KEY:  If you cut out the foods that make you fat, you will NOT be fat!  If you lose weight and add those foods back in, you WILL get fat  

RESTRICT CARBS, Keep Blood Sugar Levels LOW Carbs give quick energy so we crave them, but they make us crave more carbs if we eat too many.


A SECRET:  do not let yourself get too hungry.  Just by thinking about eating, insulin will rise. Yes! The body begins to secrete insulin as soon as we think about eating in order to  prepare the body for the upcoming glucose onslaught.


Then, the higher the insulin  reaction we have, the more we will think the food tastes better.  It’s not fair, right?  But that’s how the body works to start controlling us and make us crave certain foods.  Remember, your brain is in control NOT your body!  Do not let your body bully you into overeating or eating the wrong foods!


WHAT ABOUT LOW FAT DIETS?  This is not a wise choice at all because when manufacturers cut out fat they will replace  it with sugar to restore some of the taste. Protein and fat  do NOT cause weight to balloon. The WHI study showed  no significant reduction in heart disease, stroke, breast cancer, colon cancer or weight gain when  20,000 women cut their total fat consumption by 25% as compared to the other 29,000 who could eat as much fat as they wanted.

Olive oil is excellent.  In fact, consuming olive oil daily has been shown to decrease risk of stroke by about 43%.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you replace saturated fat in your diet with other words instead of eggs for breakfast, you have oatmeal and fruit, your LDL cholesterol may go down, but your triglycerides may go up.  Carbohydrate rich diets lower HDL.  Low HDL is an excellent predictor for heart attack in women.  You do NOT want a low HDL.



These starve the body of protein that is required for energy. Fatty tissue is not targeted in a low calorie diet. In fact, your fat cells will work overtime to hang on to their fat.  Your body will also reduce its energy production and "slow down"  If you are cutting all calories across the board, you will still be eating a disproportionate amount of  carbs which will still impede any lasting weight loss.  ELIMINATE STARCH, FLOUR, WHITE SUGAR and INCREASE PROTEIN and you WILL lose weight.  I PROMISE



So why eat them?  DON’T!


By the way, scientists now agree that the old food pyramid with carbohydrates as the mainstay was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!  But we have followed it for so many years....this is why we have become an obese nation!  Take a look at what we were encouraged to eat in the old pyramid.  Way too many carbs in relation to protein.  In fact, the whole bottle layer of the pyramid was nothing but carbs!  It has now been revised, but we were misled for many years.



A government-funded study was conducted and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2007.  It was called the A TO Z Weight Loss Study and compared 4 diets:  These were all low carbohydrate diets…just what I am encouraging you to follow.

People lost weight, their HDL (good) cholesterol went up, triglycerides went down, and blood pressure went down. 


LET’S TALK ABOUT CHOLESTEROL:  Did you know that LDL and HDL are really not cholesterol?  They are particles that contain the cholesterol and move both it and triglycerides around the blood stream. When insulin is high, LDL particles which are supposed to be large and benign, become small and dense and attach to the arterial walls to form plaque. A Carbohydrate-rich diet makes LDL small and increase the risk of heart disease..  It also lowers HDL (good cholesterol).  When we limit carbs, HDL goes up and LDL particles become larger and more innocuous.

This is proof that a low carb, protein rich diet will not increase risk of heart disease and will probably PREVENT IT! This is a complete reversal of previous recommendations.



You all know that I am a huge proponent of balancing estrogens with progesterone.  Excess estrogen or estrogen dominance can cause weight gain and an increase in fat cells by itself and when compounded by high insulin, your battle with weight is lost.  So hormone balance is key.



If the mother has high insulin while she is pregnant, the child will develop more insulin-secreting cells.  The child will be born with more fat and have a tendency toward insulin resistance.  In other words, the child will be born with a predisposition to be fat!  "Bad" (Refined) Carbohydrates are to  blame!




Try eating less pasta, rice, white potatoes and all white foods.  Avoid sugar “like the plague”.  (See the Stay off Sugar 6 part blog)


Try a week of just protein, or even a few days. Go slow but steady.  I will caution you women, though, that hormone balance is key.  Otherwise your body may simply refuse to give up the weight.  So use your progesterone crème.

Patience are improving your health, blood pressure, cholesterol.

It may have taken years for you to get to this point.  Every step in the right direction will make you feel better.  A body clear of excess sugars and carbs will begin to feel GREAT in terms of energy, mood, sleep, and libido as well as losing weight.

You will also notice that sugary things begin to taste WAY TOO SWEET after you have weaned yourself.  I used to LOVE pie, but today I cannot find any slice of pie that is simply too sweet for me to enjoy.  It will happen for you, too.  Remember that sugar is addictive, so you may need some help with 5-HTP, L-Tyrosine or GABA to help you out.

YOU WILL NOT BE STARVNG YOURSELF!  You can eat a lot of food if you give up the empty carbs. Do not consider this a diet.  We do not want to use words with “die” in them!



Once you start eliminating the “bad” carbs you will find:

·        You do not think about food as much as you used to....only when you are hungry

·        You will feel more energetic

·        You may not need to snack as much, although I do encourage healthy snacks

·        Your mood will be more even as blood sugar remains stable  (There is a great product for keeping blood sugar stable called PGX.  I LOVE it!  Call me if you would like a sample.  You put it in yogurt or any other moist food.  It helps you to burn fat for fuel and lose weight. It also creates a feeling of satiety while you are changing to your new lifestyle.

·        Blood pressure should come down as the kidneys excrete the sodium they have retained due to high insulin levels